December 2008

ahhh, memories, saw this can of Barrelhead in an antique place recently. My father and I used to drink lots of the stuff. It got taken off the market because some substance or other in it was found to slow your heart rate. Wish it was still around, dang good stuff to drink

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Xbox 360 + PS3 case + many Dremel bits = PS360 – Engadget

modder n8bog is back at it with a Xbox 360 Dremel’d into an empty PS3 case.

contemplating a new compact digicam to take on trips. They discontinued the old Nikon P60 that I was really interested in. the L18 is in the cheapo price range I want and uses SDHC cards with AA batteries. – Nikon CoolPix L18 Navy 8.0 MP 3.0″ 230K LCD 3X Optical Zoom Digital Camera

this looks interesting, at 5 dollars a month it would be 60 a year for data backups. At least 70 for an external hard drive, maybe more…. hmmmmm, very tempting ….

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