July 2005

Lots of links on the DriveThruRPG.com DRM debacle:

Last time White Wolf games got into a PR disaster like the one that erupted over their pay-to-play policy was the DRM debacle over at the Wieck owned DriveThruRPG.com. Boing Boing obliged with a slew of links detailing that whole disaster. Now most of the pdf’s sold there are normal although watermarked, which means that even I am shopping there for game stuff. Check out these links for this:

Boing Boing: White Wolf’s last copyright debacle: DRM disaster

Backlash to White Wolf’s licsense to play…

The backlash to White Wolf’s retroactive policy to force any group playing in its games and charging a fee (usually there is a small fee in LARPs to cover some costs like space rental and paper/printing and props) into the Camarilla and signing a license in order to continue. Predictably this has turned into a PR nightmare for WW, it seems to be an attempt to strongarm any group that is outside of the WW sanctioned group Camarilla to join it. By the time Cory posted this negative backlash on the extremely wide read BoingBoing it was offically a PR disaster for WW. The thread on RPG.net has reached 70+ pages of mostly vehemently negative reactions. I am ambivalent about this mostly because I would never pay-to-play an RPG. I can understand it in the case of a LARP though. The way the license is worded it would technically cover players who chipped in for pizza. Despite that P. Boulle has tried deny that it does, they were implying exactly that when the license was released. Only after many people brought up the “pizza issue” did anyone try to say that it was not interpreted that way (they claim that food is an “elective” cost and not a pay-to-play thing, of course this logic means that asking for “donations” to cover the cost of a facility are also exempt … ) I was looking forward to the new edition of Mage: the Awakening before. Now, not so much … This will bear watching to see how it plays out.

Boing Boing: White Wolf cuts own throat with “licensing fees” for game organizers

This is an interesting comment thread from Mike Mearls game design blog. I know Mike works for WotC and before that he worked for a d20 publisher. But he is pimping d20 to ridiculous lengths.

mearls: Addendum