June 2005

Rezolution: Dark Tomorrow

Aberrant Games

Aberrant Games has a new mini wargame just out, called Rezolution. I really like this from what I have seen and read of it so far. Not a clone of Warhammer 40K from Games(Let us bleed our customers dry)Workshop. I am somewhat of a sucker for scifi mini wargames but most of those have been the giant robot/Battletech kind. Very good to see someone doing something besides 40K and Mechwarrior. I will pick up some of the starter boxes at Origins and post pics and more afterword.

Must have emotes…

AFK Gamer » Blog Archive » Must Have Emotes

I really like these, especially the suggested /packbags emote

veeeerrryy useful

Disgruntled Blizzard employee sounds off:

Rumor Control On Blizzard Defections

This is kinda old but it is interesting, especially the bit about NCSoft taking all the ex-Blizz workers. In light of the continuing complaints about WoW and its server infrastructure problems, this does make you go “hmmmm”…

Finally: Sanity oath for MMORPG gamers …

Kill Ten Rats » Blog Archive » The Oath of the Rational MMO player.

1> HAVE FUN! if you are not having fun then quit and go find something else to do with your life.

2> BE NICE, do not gank, grief or PK and think that everyone else is laughing with you because it is soo much fun for them too, because it is not.

10 Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries

HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE :: Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries

BF Skinner’s Beyond Freedom and Dignity and John Dewey’s Democracy and Education next to Chairman Mao’s Quotation’s and Karl Marx’s Das Kapital. Something only a true thinker would get and understand. But the truest critique against our crazy consumerist society is the inclusion of Keynes’ General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money. which directly led to FDR’s misguided attempts at controlling the economy and the trillion dollar annual budget and national debt.

Stupid signs from people outside the MJ courtroom:

Cranky Neocon: The Enablers

Ok sometimes I do not know whether to laugh or cry at the sorry state of the world, and the signs these people are holding up do push me into one of those moods. BUT WHAT WAS WITH RELEASING THE FECKIN’ DOVES?!?!?!!?

Read the comments up at Llamabutcher’s blogcomments

BWAHAHAHA!! The Safety of the Motherland needs You!

Thirties style avant garde artwork makes a comeback! and in a “Big Brother is Watching” poster on the MARC trains in Baltimore-DC. Stalin purges will not have anything on the big brother style of homeland security state that is to come.

Articulatory Loop – Read, Repeat, Remember

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The deals at this merchant in Foible’s Fair must have been really really good to get that Mesmer dancing…

Note that this is in Pre-Searing (warm and fuzzy) Ascalon…

The post E3 Next Generation Console Catfight has started!!

Next-gen leaders talk about their consoles – News at GameSpot

Sony, MicroSoft, and Nintendo jab at each other downplaying the capabilities of the hardware that they will foist down on the console gaming techies throats, Apparently all the XBox 360 demos were actually being run on a *GASP!!!* Apple G5 computer, and the supposedly stunning PS3 demos from Sony were made with dev kits only and were running on other machines and not even prototype PS3 hardware. Nintendo displayed a Revolution demo mainly to quiet doubting Thomas’s who think it is all vaporware to keep some loyalists actully buying their games. (BTW, what the heck is a NintedoG???? OH, i see now, click here to see a clip of it)