May 2005

Papiere, bitte

Papers, comrade

Your papers, please …

The RealID was snuck into a funding bill so that everyone would feel obligated to vote for it in Congress. It is no longer sneaky like the surreptious use of the SSN to link databases of potential criminals (read: everyone) together. Some might argue that the RealID act is just the icing on the cake, that the tools are already here for a national ID state. I just think that like in Britain the ID legislation is a public face on something that has been behind the scenes for a while now. Welcome to the USA, Big Brother … There’s no place like home…

Hydromancer’s Armor:

The Unofficial GuildWars Site: Crafting Guide, Elementalist Armor

Ouch, I had been doing the PvE thing a lot in order to build up money to get the Pyromancer armor … Then I scrolled through this page and saw the hydromancer armor; humina, humina, humina, despite the fact that that little outfit could not really armor anything … it is my new goal… Felicia would be a doll in an outfit like that … humina 🙂

Stupid character names in RPGs:

AFK Gamer » Blog Archive » Another Rare Flash of Genius

Ok, there you are in Ascalon totally immersed in the storyline of your quest or mission, reveling in the glory of another success, wondering if your loot finally gives you enough moolah to upgrade your armor .. When who should sashay by totally blowing the immersion factor? Why Miss Discreet Pantylines the elementalist, that’s who. Totally blowing the immersion factor. I know stupid names are an MMORPG tradition, but c’mon people …

More from Anscalon

hmmmm, this is the fourth post about Guild Wars. I sense that I like this game. 🙂

Last night I did a quest by partying the henchmen; ran across the wasteland, talked to the guy at the other end of the mission, ran back, got my XP, slayed mobs by the bucket full, cashed in my loot, and had a blast. The AI for the henchmen was actually pretty good. loads of fun and I did it in half an hour. Yep, this is just what I wanted in a game. Since it is an MMORPG the good times can go on and on…

AFK Gamer also makes the same point about the mobs being way more powerful than the characters.

Whipped cream lady!

The One and Only

The gal from the Herb Alpert album cover “Whipped Cream and Other Delights” is now an impressionist painter and is still quite pretty after all these years. Oh be still my heart!! That is one of my all time fav albums and I have an image of her sultry stare burned into my retinas with the strains of “Love potion no. 9” echoing around.

very kewl!!!


Guild Wars: Day two …

In Guild Wars you start out in a warm and fuzzy kingdom known as Anscalon. Rolling green hills, farms, and a few minor threats. Do not take the quest offered to you by King Tydus. Instead run around Anscalon completing the quests and leveling (learning skills and accumulating treasure also) up to around 6 or 7. (just a quick note: When you do the quest to get the devourers’ eggs and the guy gives you an extra, DO NOT throw it away. Instead you can give it to the old man at the main gate as a quest. I never got a chance to get another after dumping mine to make room in my inventory.) When you get to level 6 then take the academy quest offered by Tydus. You do a brief PvP, then go on a short quest to help the Prince, then NUCLEAR WAR!!!! Anscalon is devastated by some uber mobs and turns into a wasteland. Then the real game starts.

AFK Gamer also sums it up here.

I really like what I have seen so far in the game. It looks to have the same fun “get a party for a quest quick and have fun together” that I did not see in L2.

Side note: I got bored with the blog’s appearance and changed a few things, links are gone until i get a chance to edit them back in and comments are purely Blogger hosted not Haloscan.

Guild Wars: playing the game…

Guild Wars

Since I had so much fun in the beta and since there are no monthly fees like every other MMORPG I decided to take the plunge and pick up GW. This is my first foray into a MMORPG without my buddy helping so it should be interesting…

I made an elementalist/mesmer and jumped in after browsing through the manual to refresh my memory. The instant travel feature totally rocks, cuts way down on the wandering around. Did a few beginning quests and am already up to level 3…

Things that GW improves upon: 1. PvP is an endgame so no more dealing with drunk, bored losers who hang around the n00b areas ruining your day. 2. Death penalties are much less although they are still frustrating while you are questing. 3. Quests are plentiful, way more the Lineage2. 4. The use of districts helps keep the crowding in main areas down. 5. If you need help on a quest you can just hire NPC henchmen to follow you around and help. Makes soloing hard quests much easier. IF you can actually find these henchmen near your quest zone. 6. Tons of skills and choices means varied improvements and no two characters will be the same. 7. Guards will help you by killing things if you are in trouble, I was being BaF’d by wolves, ran past a guard and he nicely killed them for me. Thank you 🙂

Things not so good: 1. I wanna solo dang it! where are the henchmen near the catacombs???? sometimes you need help. 2. Gonna be hard to find a group I trust enough to join their guild without someone else around that I trust. 3. Pathing is not the greatest. Sometimes you cannot just go anywhere you please. There are invisible barriers around to stop you. 4. Mobs are definitely better than PCs at the same level. If I am level 3 and the Raging Corpse is level 3, I should be able to wipe it one on one. Sometimes you have to run like heck from it. 5. It is still rewarding to be a no-lifer who spends hours upon hours in the game leveling up. I was hoping to find a game that favored the casual gamer like myself.

My main character is Felicia Salon (my gf’s comment was “why do you always play as a girl?”) so look me up if you are in the game.

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