Slashdot | Company Takes Stand Against Booth Babes

Agetec is taking a stand against the industry practise of hiring scantily clad attractive women to stand around your booth and bring the male gamers and industry people. The fact that these women are asked to dress in the scanty attire of a video game heroine only reinforces the fact that the women really detract from the focus on games. Agetec has a site up Anti Booth Babes but it is only a splash page and a form for getting a free t-shirt.

My big problem is the idea that Agetec is going to hire “ten ugly girls” for their booth. Hypocrites! If the focus they wanted was really about the games then they would not have had any girls or perhaps had a mix of men and women from the programming department to hand out promotional goodies. This is a marketing ploy along the same lines as hiring pretty girls, except that it may even be more demeaning to the “ugly” girls chosen.