Guild Wars: Day two …

In Guild Wars you start out in a warm and fuzzy kingdom known as Anscalon. Rolling green hills, farms, and a few minor threats. Do not take the quest offered to you by King Tydus. Instead run around Anscalon completing the quests and leveling (learning skills and accumulating treasure also) up to around 6 or 7. (just a quick note: When you do the quest to get the devourers’ eggs and the guy gives you an extra, DO NOT throw it away. Instead you can give it to the old man at the main gate as a quest. I never got a chance to get another after dumping mine to make room in my inventory.) When you get to level 6 then take the academy quest offered by Tydus. You do a brief PvP, then go on a short quest to help the Prince, then NUCLEAR WAR!!!! Anscalon is devastated by some uber mobs and turns into a wasteland. Then the real game starts.

AFK Gamer also sums it up here.

I really like what I have seen so far in the game. It looks to have the same fun “get a party for a quest quick and have fun together” that I did not see in L2.

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