May 2005

Went to see the Revenge of the Sith today: I finally gave in and figured that I might as well contribute to the Lucasfilm Corp.’s bottom line. Lot of excitement and POW action. The opening battle above Coruscant is a beauty. Two things made the movie great for me, first was Natalie Portman acting her little heart out with a mediocore script, second was all sorts of visual clues that referenced Episode 4: A New Hope. Such as Anakin’s and Obiwan’s fighters in the opening battle have control interfaces identical to the TIE fighters of Epi 4, and the Organa family starship being the one from the beginning sequences of Epi 4. I also loved the action sequences with the wookies on Kashyykk and Chewbacca’s appearance. I was disappointed with the whole Anakin conversion scene. I realize a lot of the conversion stuff was supposed to be weighing on Anakin’s mind and he was being fed a line of bull by Palpatine, but essentially he get P.O. at Mace Windu for being un-Jedi-like (Windu wants to skewer Palpatine and Ana says “No, that is not the Jedi way”) then swears allegiance to Sidious/Palpatine and the Dark Side moments later. HUH???? First he want to be a proper Jedi then he jumps onto the Sith bandwagon with both feet??? huh??? what??

Episode III Easter Eggs has a nice summary of some of the little gems in Episode 3:ROTS. Did you catch the appearance of the Millenium Falcon?

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Beer mugs for a cape, KEWL!! I wonder if the fellow beside him is from the same guild or also just happened to use the beer mug design????

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This is the design for our capes in Guild Wars. Our guild is the Crystal Dragons. One of the better guild cape designs, if I do not say so myself … 🙂

Romance Novel cover remixes:

Longmire does Romance Novels – Your Submissions

BWAHAHAHA – LOLMFAO 🙂 oh, these are good, i needed a laugh today.


Lessons learned from Episode 3:

Adam Fields weblog » Lessons learned from Revenge of the Sith

no spoilers here unless you have been living under a rock since 1977. He sums it up with Great fights but garbage movie. I had a feeling this was goning to be the case since Episode One’s little kid going “YIPEE!!!” while flying around. For me Episode 5, Empire Strikes Back will always be the top of the series. Except for Alec Guiness’s classic “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villany.”

Guild Wars Wiki

Main Page – GuildWiki

Someone set up an online encylopedia using wiki open source sotware for Guild War. Which is very nice, there are several truckloads of stuff to do in each area. An open repository on shared info will be very helpful.


Joined a Guild last night! Crystal Dragons; I want to get a piccy of the cape up tmw night. We are farming to get a guild hall asap, takes 50,000 gold to get a guild hall.


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Woot! Woot! Finally! Completed the primary storyline missions of Guild Wars to get all the way up to Yak’s Bend mission, checked with the armor crafting npc there and yes! All that time getting money and shells paid off. I got the Hydromancer armor for Felicia! Will not be long before I get some dye and make it new color. Check it out:


Slashdot | Company Takes Stand Against Booth Babes

Agetec is taking a stand against the industry practise of hiring scantily clad attractive women to stand around your booth and bring the male gamers and industry people. The fact that these women are asked to dress in the scanty attire of a video game heroine only reinforces the fact that the women really detract from the focus on games. Agetec has a site up Anti Booth Babes but it is only a splash page and a form for getting a free t-shirt.

My big problem is the idea that Agetec is going to hire “ten ugly girls” for their booth. Hypocrites! If the focus they wanted was really about the games then they would not have had any girls or perhaps had a mix of men and women from the programming department to hand out promotional goodies. This is a marketing ploy along the same lines as hiring pretty girls, except that it may even be more demeaning to the “ugly” girls chosen.

World of Warcraft Power Leveling Service

World of Warcraft Power Leveling Service – – –

Yeah, just give your name and password (not too mention credit card number) to anonymous strangers on the internet… better yet send me the info and some cash, or gold and I can help you out… 😉

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