Sunday, April 24th, 2005

From the magazines I need to subscribe to dept.:

Make magazine blog has a write-up on using the bottom of a soda can and a bar of chocolate to a fire starter.

MAKE: Blog: Make Fire with a Can of Coke and a Chocolate Bar

Make magazine sounds really good, I have never seen a copy of it around yet. Have to settle for the blog unless I subscribe. Seems to me that this trick will work if the can has a concave bottom, a really sunny day, and very dry tinder.

Ohhh, check out the money origami spider, way kewl!:

MAKE Blog: Money Origami

Penny Arcade comments on Scott (PvP) Kurtz being nominated for an Eisner Award:

Penny Arcade

I know Scott has burnt a lot of bridges with shooting his mouth off but PvP (Pvp online) is still funny as all get out. Kudos to him for the nomination. 🙂

(slight language alert: Penny Arcade tends to use the “F” word, a lot)