Monday, April 18th, 2005

D & D Animated series:

Urban Arcana television series from Sci-Fi :: :: Where Gamers get their News

Gaming Report carries an anonymous report that an animated TV show is being developed using the Urban Arcana setting for the D20 Modern game. Rockne O’Bannon (Farscape) is executive producer so this might actually be decent.

Intreview with Lorne Lanning

It’s ‘game over’ for Oddworld’s creator Lanning

From The Hollywood Reporter comes an excellent interview with the creator of the Oddworld series of games. To sum up, Lanning had a bad experience with EA and the PS2 port of the latest Oddworld game. He took a look at the trends in the video game industry. Especially in terms of development costs, and decided to pull the plug on the game studio. Oddworld Inhabitants will now focus on movies and TV content. It seems to be a numbers thing with Lanning. For the amount of money that a publisher throws into the game they wanted to hold all rights to the IP. Lanning and OI did not want to give up any of the IP for their creations so Lanning shuttered it and moved away from the game business.