More on Peak Oil

Boing Boing: Peak oil article in Rolling Stone

BoingBoing has a slew of articles on the whole Peak Oil debate, touched off by the Rolling Stone article. There are a whole lot of links, too many to relay. Just browse through and start clickin’ 🙂

If Russia’s oil is mainly abiotic in origin then it would go a long way to explaining why Putin has maintained an opposition stance to US interests. The friction and turmoil in the world helps keep the price of oil high and Americas’ depency on oil is a good thing for Russia. Russia was once thought to have virtually no oil, but is now the no. 2 oil producing country in the world. Turns out that the abiotic origins for oil are an accepted fact in the scientific community in Russia and the Ukraine.

Stalin and Abiotic Oil

This is an awesome essay on the abiotic theories and why it is being ignored and ridiculed in the West. The fossil fuel origins of oil mean it is finite. Scarcity means higher prices as you decrease the available supply. If oil really comes from something other than dead dinosaurs then why is the price going up, money is to be made here. Hmmm, food for thought …