April 2005

AFK Gamer on Guild Wars:

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I got into one of the open beta weekends for Guild Wars a while back (wow, that long ago?!?!?!)and had a blast. The graphics were good although quirky. I really liked the idea of not charging monthly for server time. The betas continued for a looooonnnggg time while they worked out the kinks. GW finally went live recently to mixed reviews. I like AFK’s summary of what being a noob was like. It is similar to what I experienced in the beta weekend. At least until I read the FAQs online at the GW site. I am seriously considering this game as an online fix since there will be no monthly fees. (They will periodically bring out a new box version. You will need to buy that to continue playing. This is how they will bring in revenue.)

Power to the Sheeple!!

Boing Boing: Thumbprinting visitors at Statue of Liberty and Disneyland

How does making every single person who goes into the Statue of Liberty give up their thumbprint AND their credit card number make it safer from terrorist. I think that this is to make us citizens of this supposedly free country get used to giving up our “papers” at a moments notice. Welcome to the security state where we all line up like good little sheeple…


How To Rockstar

A new live action movie based on the 2004 revival of the ’70s comic book and action figure line is coming! YES!! /me does a happy dance! I am a huge fan of the ‘Nauts. I had an almost complete collection of the extremely rare and valuable John Byrne issues from the original comic series (never forgave mom for throwing them out). I picked up a couple of the revival issues by chance in the comic shop and really liked it. SOTA Toys has the new toy figure license and they look awesome! I may have to give up my self imposed “do not buy collectible stuff” for these…

From the magazines I need to subscribe to dept.:

Make magazine blog has a write-up on using the bottom of a soda can and a bar of chocolate to a fire starter.

MAKE: Blog: Make Fire with a Can of Coke and a Chocolate Bar

Make magazine sounds really good, I have never seen a copy of it around yet. Have to settle for the blog unless I subscribe. Seems to me that this trick will work if the can has a concave bottom, a really sunny day, and very dry tinder.

Ohhh, check out the money origami spider, way kewl!:

MAKE Blog: Money Origami

Penny Arcade comments on Scott (PvP) Kurtz being nominated for an Eisner Award:

Penny Arcade

I know Scott has burnt a lot of bridges with shooting his mouth off but PvP (Pvp online) is still funny as all get out. Kudos to him for the nomination. 🙂

(slight language alert: Penny Arcade tends to use the “F” word, a lot)

Hmm the word of the day on Urban Dictionary is body spam. Interesting word and definition, most useful…

UrbanDictionary.com: Define Your World

D & D Animated series:

Urban Arcana television series from Sci-Fi :: GamingReport.com :: Where Gamers get their News

Gaming Report carries an anonymous report that an animated TV show is being developed using the Urban Arcana setting for the D20 Modern game. Rockne O’Bannon (Farscape) is executive producer so this might actually be decent.

Intreview with Lorne Lanning

It’s ‘game over’ for Oddworld’s creator Lanning

From The Hollywood Reporter comes an excellent interview with the creator of the Oddworld series of games. To sum up, Lanning had a bad experience with EA and the PS2 port of the latest Oddworld game. He took a look at the trends in the video game industry. Especially in terms of development costs, and decided to pull the plug on the game studio. Oddworld Inhabitants will now focus on movies and TV content. It seems to be a numbers thing with Lanning. For the amount of money that a publisher throws into the game they wanted to hold all rights to the IP. Lanning and OI did not want to give up any of the IP for their creations so Lanning shuttered it and moved away from the game business.

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One of my favorite Genny pictures. Laura got a little fuzzy ball to balance on Genny’s head and snapped a pic before Genny shook it off.


Heh, using the ice cap on the North Pole as a heat sink to cool your overclocked PC. Some geek will try it, sooner or later … 🙂

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