hey folks,

Some MMORPG news,

Last few times I was on Lineage2 as my healer it looks like they really toned down the huge mobs of creatures that were making it impossible to solo. Most likely so many people shifted to World of Warcraft that NCSoft had to change some things to make it better for those who remained.

Sooner or Later Dept. : Someone is doing a Grand Theft Auto-themed MMORPG, All Points Bulletin. Now we can all run over pedestrians, do drive-bys, and bludgeon passers-by, etc. all while engaging in l33t5p34k with members of the sugar and caffeine charged twitch gamer generation. Most of the cachet of the GTA games was that you were a wolf amongst the sheep of the city people. A GTA-MMORPG would just resemble an LA riot with military hardware. Not my idea of a fun experience.