Had dinner out Saturday to celebrate a big event for me personally, took a long time to get to this point but the perseverance was worth it. Went to the local Damon’s just for a break from the usual chain restaurants around here. Damon’s is ok on food and since there were no big sports games this weekend, so it was not crowded at all.

When Valve released Half-Life 2 but required online authentication (you must have a valid account with the company’s Steam servers to play) every time you wanted to play, I knew that would not fly well. Steam is useful for distributing things like patches, new maps, upgrades, and not to mention the marketing data Valve gets. ButI knew that if it goes wrong the backlash against yet another DRM gone sour will be gigantic. And yes, here it is (from Slashdot). The only versions that worked for some people were “illegal” cracked copies, at least some “legal” users were SoL’d. A pirated copy that actually worked better than the legal one, sounds like there will be some more FUD coming to justify continuing DRM.

Intuit Software, makers of Quicken have sent emails to legitimate users warning them that software will be disabled. Software which a user bought and paid for will be turned off at the whim of the copyright holder, I am not surprised.

The word of the day on Urban Dictionary was election 🙂 LOL Spot on definition….

Kevin Rose of The Screen Savers has gotten a broadcast quality camera for his tech site The Broken. Yeah, now we can get some real tech news instead “interviews”with BMX riders and DVD movie giveaways.