Back to blogging…

I was keeping my online down to a minimum lately. We never lost power until yesterday. Most likely they were taking down our section of the grid to bring others back up. Lost power for 20 minutes. Hopefully not anymore outages.

I got a copy of Myst: Uru The Complete Chronicles for Laura for Christmas so she has been hogging this boxen lately to play, further reducing my time to surf, blog, and game.

David Medienktrik shows an excellent example of how the “blood for oil” spin is reducing a very complex issue to almost absurd levels by using the sound-byte and stereotypes (BushCheneyHalliburtonEvilSkullandBonesMilitaryOilIndustrialComplex) and distorting discussion. You cannot have a level and earnest discussion about the Iraqi situation when someone is shouting “BushHitler” in an attempt to drown out any possible justification of the war. I thought that trying to justify the war simply on the basis of WMDs was a mistake, there are too many other issues involved to reduce it to a sound-byte for easy palatability by the proletariat sheep. People who still insist that Iraq had no WMDs need to actually read the Special Report to the DCI and remember that Saddam had used them several times before and would have done so again easily, without remorse.

Picked up a CD for the first time in a while,Modest Mouse‘s Good News For People Who Love Bad News. Very nice, original sound. Something which is lacking in these days of Pro-Tools generated albums.

The White Wolf game company is actually going to produce a game called Pimp: The Backhanding. This is so wrong on so many levels I do not know where to even start bashing it. I do enjoy a good laugh but there is a limit.

I got a copy of Strahos and Brathewaite’s Information Feudalism over the holidays. Fascinating read. Before absorbing any of the corporate spin on piracy this is a definite read.