Merry Christmas!

I had to skip blogging for a few days while our electricity flickered. Central and Western Ohio got pounded by a Christmas Snowstorm. We were just on the Eastern edge so we mainly got freezing rain which knocked down trees and power lines. We were extremely lucky not to lose our power because our heat is electric and a massive cold wave set in behind the storm. Temps last night plunged into the single digits and is supposed to go to -5 tonight. Which means a very chilly Christmas morning.

Laura and I watched The Day After Tomorrow last night, which is probably not the best movie to watch during a major snowstorm and cold snap. Decent movie starts out with a valid scientific theory and then latches it onto a Hollywood plot with holes big enough to drive a truck through. The hooky science has been debunked before. But there are just a ton of gaping continuity and plot holes in the script. It figures that the movie is based on a book by Art Bell and Whitley Strieber,The Coming Global Superstorm. Strieber you might remember from the Communion series of books, and Art Bell is the on-again, off-again host of the Coast to Coast radio show. Strieber claims that the events of the catastrophic end of civilization were told to him by the aliens who visit him, ’nuff said about that.

Check out the Taco Grease powered Eco Bus. They have a web site with blogs and photos. There are alternative solutions to gasoline. When will we see these be taken seriously? I wonder what the pollution is from a bio-diesel engine? Growing all those peanuts or whatever for the fuel would take up a lot of land and water that could be used for food production. It is a good use for used cooking oil but to replace gasoline would require a lot more than the restaraunt industry waste produces.

Have a Merry Christmas!!