Still cold

It is still cold, but better than yesterday.

It looks like the 3rd Infantry Division is getting redeployed back to Iraq. Funny thing is that they are taking all their heavy equipment with them; Paladins, Abrams, Bradleys, etc. The IFVs I can understand with all the sniping and IEDs. But all the artillery and tanks has strated rumors of other invasions. Syria? Iran? With all Rumsfelds’ focus on light, quick and hard, all those tanks and heavies make you wonder what is the purpose? Fence sitting to shutdown the border with Syria, most likely, it seems to me.

An interesting take on the “we want armored humvees” whine. First Lt. Prakash also is of the opinion that the main problem is dicipline. I have held the Interceptor vests before. Those things weigh a ton. I would prefer to have a lighter vest that would allow you to move. Quit whining about your armor and scrounge up something if you feel you need it. Otherwise just use your training and teamwork first, there is no substitute.