Long awaited links to some of my online games, yes!! ….

Role Play Online has several several games set in JKRowling’s Harry Potter World. I am in a The Dark Age game which is set in the time of the fifth book but with some changes. Sirius Black lives and Dumbledore mysteriously passes away just before the start of the fifth term.

Also at Role Play Online I am in a game using Game Workshop’s universe for the Warhammer 40K tabletop miniatures game. The game is called The Gathering Darkness and perfectly conveys the gothic darkness of the whole 40K setting.

As I have mentioned before I am in the MMORPG Lineage 2. Lineage 2 just upgraded to Chronicle 2: The Age of Splendor, which has been really good changes. They made soloing harder which has cut down on the botting and the Adena Farmers. I am on the Lionna server mostly, playing a human healer and an orc fighter. Healers are fun for me, easy to play. Still waiting for the underwear textures to be implemented, sigh…

I have gotten my fantasy football team back into the LCFL playoffs. Almost all my RBs are hurt though so I doubt if I will go far, though.

I am Game Mastering a HARP (High Adventure Role Playing) Game at RPG.net. You have to be a registered user to see the Play-by-Post forums.

In the news …

It appears they found the baby who was taken from her murdered mother’s womb. The woman who did it reportedly has confessed. In Texas she would be on the express lane to Ol’ Sparky, and rightfully so, if she really did confess to it.

Howard Dean is really making an effort for the Chairmanship of the DNC. Dean and Hillary for the presidency in 2008 will be an interesting combo. Talk about leftist politics clashing with centrist politics…

Wonder what they will steal from the Libertarians in the next election? Immigration policies, most likely. The Demopublicans and the Republicrats always manage to steal third party positions in order to absorb their votes and keep this country from really changing. In 2000 Nader got a lot out of the “Tweedle-dumb and Tweedle-dee” comment so the parties this year really focused on highlighting the differences in their candidates. All the supposedly new ideas are just absorbtions of third-party ideas to keep radical changes under control.

I think that canceling Iraq’s debt is huge news. Someone has been powerbrokering to get the various creditors to agree. Money is flowing underground to pay off the most vocal whiners and the most powerful.

I found this interesting rebuttal to the assertion that all French poloiticians are corrupt.