Gaming Action

Tonight was my bi-weekly face to face Hackmaster game. Veral and the boys have been a blast to play with. Isaac created a pixie fairie and did his usual craziness. The group pursued, got into combat, defeated a ninja, and reunited with Veral’s Grey Elf. Fun, and with a really thick plot. 🙂

The sky was gorgeously clear tonight. It always is that the best seeing for stargazing is always on clear and cold winter nights around here. A good site for learning the basics of astronomy is here. The constellation of Orion was absolutely crystal clear in the South Eastern sky. Orion tends to be low on the horizon in the early evening but at this time of year it is high enough that city lights do not obscure it.’s Nightsky site has a lot of info about events in the sky like meteor showers and the like. is usually a good read.

I took my cat outside, normally she hates the cold so I figured she would go nuts in 20 degree weather. HA! She enjoyed it, purring the whole time… 🙂 Funny cat!