Finally making time to blog again …

Some political news. The Libertarian Presidential Candidate Michael Badnarik has joined with David Cobb of the Green party, Jesse Jackson, and the Democrats in a lawsuit pushing for an Ohio Election Recount. Like the bloggers at TNL I think this is a huge mistake for the LP to get involved in this. I hope that this will not mean that the LP will be viewed as a bunch of disgruntled Democratic wannabes for being involved. The Greens need Badnarik involved as a proxy since Cobb did not make it onto the ballot here. (Ohio has a complex ballot procedure, I’m told) The LPO has not said whether there has been a negative reaction here in Ohio yet, But the National headquarter’s is denying any knowledge of Bedarik’s move.

I found a really good quote from Hayek’s 1960 essay “Why I am not a conservative” up at Reason’s Knowledge Problem blog. It is a great look at why conservativism may seem on the surface attractive like Libertarianism but still loves government above the people in the fashion of statism.

The mainstream media is finally catching on to the story of the Ukranian candidate’s poisoning, which I read about on BoingBoing a while back. Appearently the doctors have confirmed that it was a form of Dioxin that was used. This photo on tells the story of the results. At least he is still alive. For now, hopefully this will not be a permanent look for his face.

Genny needs to get her blog going again. I need a laugh with all the mandatory OT I am working.

Presently reading John Steele Gordon’s Empire of Wealth and Ted Nace’s excellent Gangs of America. These books make wonderful counterpoints to each other.