Assimilated by the Redmond Borg…

I bought Win XP and installed it on my PC on a new 80 gig HDD. so now I have been assimilated by the Borg monsters in Redmond, but I get GAMING!!!!! Been lost in games and demos. I have a lot of software that needed a new home to run, Campaign Cartographer, Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, plus I have been wanting to get into a MMORPG for a while. So I picked up Lineage 2 and am waiting on a llllooooonnnngggg download to update this. I might just get a friend to download the update, burn it to a CD, mail it to me and install it that way. Microsoft’s Rise of Nations seems very kewl, I really like the little demo I have been engrossed in. I have a demo for Joint Ops, a first person, present day shooter that is very buggy and refuses to work. Laura has been on this boxen a lot to play Myst:Uru, she really likes that game, good Christmas gift if I don’t say so myself đŸ™‚ . I used Media Player to rip a large part of my small and eclectic CD collection.

I am going to turn this machine into a dual boot Linux/Win industrial strength boxen when I get a chance to install Suse 9.0 and slave the other HDD. I will miss the GIMP, I need to find some nice image manipulation software to replace it. I have Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird as the browser and email client. Outlook is sucky and IE is about a secure as Swiss Cheese. OpenOffice has solved my need for a word processor package.

Screensavers had a fabulous show tonight. They had a set of the new Star Wars trilogy DVDs in the studio and a pair of Segways. A company was demonstrating their Bluetooth hacking abilities by showing that they could read a Bluetooth signal from a cell phone from over a MILE away!! Bluetooth only works 15 feet away according to Nokia.