Finally took the plunge and bought a digital camera. Got a good price on a Olympus D-390. Only 2 Megapixel but for the price this is a great deal. USB port just plugs into my Linux boxen and Viola! i can access the files to save ’em. When I get enough of them I can save the pictures to a CD thanks to my burner.

Talked to the people at Silven Crossroads and they will host my pictures from the Origins Game Convention. So this year I get to be a roving reporter at my favorite game convention! I need to ask about getting a press pass. It will make things a lot easier for me when I need to ask permission to get booth or game photos. Hopefully I can even get a scoop of the other news websites and persuade Kenzer to let me get a few pics of stuff for the upcoming Aces & Eights game! That would be very kewl indeed!

Sean Astin, who played Samwise Gamgee in the Lord of the Rings movies is going to be a Guest of Honor at Origins this year!

Following the blogs is getting to be my best way of getting the news, the guys at Tacitus and Glenn Reynold’s blog Instapundit are my favorite places. Print media is too biased and simply ignores anything which does not advance their agenda.