I read this quote on a Tacitus comment forum and it really sums up the way I feel right now. Especially the parts about the Saudis and the Leftists and Chomskyland:

I’m pissed at the terrorists for today’s beheading, Hamas for everything they do and represent, the Syrians and Egyptians for going to war with Israel 30 years ago, the Israelis for using counterproductive tactics and for subsidizing illegal settlements instead of reverting to the ’67 borders, the Palestinian Authority for being a bunch of corrupt terrorists who can’t keep a bargain, the Saudis for being a bunch of perfidious whiners exporting a hateful ideology.

Regarding Abu Ghraib, I’m pissed at the Leftists for going bonkers and descending into Chomskyland. I’m pissed at the Rightists for making excuses and in some cases, justification. I’m pissed at the 800th for dealing a heavy blow to our moral authority and making Americans less safe. I’m pissed at the Bush administration for being incompetent, blind, and loosening important legal safeguards.

And so forth.

Yep, couldn’t have said it better myself.