April 2004

Took the cats to the vet this morning, Genny was rougher than Jesse this time. She got all upset when she realized they had to stick a thermometer up her behind to get her tempature. She is sleeping off the shots now. She has been such a good cat. Jesse did well because she had to get no shots this time. She did not scream or anything.

Picked up Howard Zinn’s People’s History of the United States. I am such a history book junkie. 😉 John Steele Gordon’s Hamilton’s Blessing: The Extraordinary Life and Times of Our National Debt should be required reading for people in this country. I was a little shocked when I got to the afterword and Gordon suggests a flat tax in combo with a little fiscal discipline would be the remedy for the financial crisis this country is heading for. See my post a few weeks ago where I suggest virtually the same thing. Sometimes I am so prescient that I manage to scare me. Zinn’s books’ take a great focus in looking at history from a proletariat view. The people made this country, not a few elitist rich landowners from New England. Better stop before I get on a rant.

Been playing with GNUCash. Powerful program if a little arcane. Double entry accounting is a better system than single-entry but it is hard to grasp for the uninitiated.

Please, Please, Please take the time to read Kathryn Cramer’s blog on the whole N4610 rent-a-coup mess which is being ignored by the press and is NOT being properly investigated. Her recent takes on the mercenary trend especially in Iraq is right on. Click Here! I am usually so dead on right when I look at events, early Iraqi protests had a put on look to them.Signs that were spiffy and manufactured as opposed to hastily put together led me to correctly realize that someone put those demonstrations up. Something in that whole mess watching those Iraqis in Fallujah celebrating the deaths of “civilian contractors” struck me as wrong. But Kathryn’s posts made it click. They were hot shots running around playing at being Rambo and the Islamic mercenaries went after their asses. Normally I would cheer the Iraqi/Islamics on in that case but those nitwit Rambo wannabes were there for the Blackwater company. In other words, they are being paid for by the US taxpayer… GRRRR!!

I have to go calm down now before I bite off someone’s head, I am so mad.

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