Band of Brothers, excellent series. Typical for John Keegan and Stephan Ambrose to be so much individualistic. Very much from the POV of a soldier. The story on D-Day was excellent. But the latest Bastogne story was a little muddled and incoherent. Telling the Bulge story from Doc’s POV was a fresh view (taking wounded to a field hospital that had no way to evacuate them, ouch) but there was no sense of time passing. I am glad they did not focus on Patton’s Third Army coming to their “rescue”. Members of the 101 to this day deny they needed a “rescue”. Patton worship can be almost as bad as the Hannibal worship.

Zinn gets into the class conflicts before after and during the Civil War. He notes that during the Depression of 1877 Rockefeller expanded his monoploy control and his wealth. But Zinn completely misses the point that Rockefeller was not born into wealth. He made a business name for himself in Cleveland in the 1800’s and his father was a travelling con man who practically abandonded his wife and John D. America has always had mobility between the classes compared to Europe. If you find yourself stuck in between classes then do not blame “the elites”. find a way to get yourself out of it.