Saturday, April 10th, 2004

Genny watched me assemble another little storage cube thingy for my room today, she is a wonderful little kitty. Jesse is sort of sunning herself in the window. I will need to use the camera to take some pics of the room to kinda keep a visual track of things in here as I go along. Speaking of which I need to find a Linux webcam driver for this cheapocam so I can use it natively.

Laura painted one wall of our bedroom. It is a nice Sage green and semi-gloss so it should work nicely.

Hiptop nation is a neat little moblog for Danger Hiptop (aka: T-Mobile Sidekick) mobile phone/camera: Hiptop Nation Check it out!

Shay’s Rebellion – my PolSci professor at university delved a little bit into it. Howard Zinn tells a much deeper story than any I have heard before. Such a wonderful, quiet little revolution. So sad that the proletariat sheep in this country will not be riled up enough to protest anything in that way anymore. Thomas Jefferson was writing of Shay’s Rebellion when he penned: ” The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

Some counterpoint to Zinn: A condition of the American scene is that the class division in this country is purely economic in nature. And there is a mobility between this economic stratification that you do not see in Europe. If the “rich elite” were building themselves a personal enclave to protect their wealth, then why not set up laws to more directly engender the socio-economic system they were building?

Genny must be cold, she has been burrowing under blankets a lot lately. She is so spoiled.