It’s been a busy weekend, thankfully i did not volunteer for OT this Saturday. Running to two banks Sat. morning, then to OfficeMax to get a new ink cartridge for my printer. I must have one of the last Star Jet-48 printers left in the world, even though it uses Canon BC-01 ink no one bothers to carry those anymore. Short of going online and paying huge shipping fees OfficeMax is the last place around that carries them.I went to the bookstore and picked up Cory Doctorow’s novel “Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom”.Cory is already one of my fav sci-fi writers with his short fiction and his novels are great also. He posts a lot at Boing Boing which is a great tech/geek/digerati news kind of site.Check it out! 🙂

I spent most of Saturday cleaning up the printer and getting it to work. I got it working but not really great. For some awful reason Mozilla thinks there are two extra lines at the bottom of the page and it makes the printer spit out a page with just those two lines and then spits out that page wasting almost a whole piece of paper. Linux sucks at printing unless it is just simple text. Right now, i am playing with the margin settings to see if I can get it working properly.

Well, bbl, I’m off to finish up household chores… Laura is watching “Chicago”; to much singing in it for me.