March 2004

tired, tired, tired tonight….

need to find a new video for Tai Chi, something on DVD.

Kinda flipping around looking for something to hold my interest in reading; Hamilton’s Blessing: The Extraordinary Life and Times of Our National Debt and Fantasy and Sci-Fi magazine are holding my interest right now. I am nothing if not an eclectic reader. 😉

I am going to see if I can find a decent RSS reader for linux. Time to search freshmeat…

more political thoughts, … could John Kerry and GW Bush be more of clones from each other? There is a political/media codeword called “taxes”. It really means the personal income tax. GW says that we should keep taxes low and/or send rebate checks out willy nilly “to keep America moving in the right direction”. Whereas Kerry and the Democrats want to “raise taxes” which really means that they want to keep taking a large chunk out of every American citizen’s wallet so they can reconcile the huge spending deficit GW’s little foriegn excursions have generated. This is a perfect example of the diaclectic in action. They try and force the debate to be from only two angles and make it so inflamed and impassioned that all other aspects are forgotten. Is there any other option? In other words is there another way for the US government to raise the capital it needs to keep functioning? Maybe a combination of a flat tax along with import, export duties, “sin” taxes and fees/taxes from things like business regulation would be enough along with a dash of fiduciary responsibilty. (Remember that debt is not a bad thing, properly managed debt can be quite the opposite) But this never enters into the mainstream discussion. We only get two alternatives and everything else is pushed aside. In this way the mind-control of the diaclectic continues. Sigh, I sometimes feel that I am the only person who sees and realizes stuff like this. I am glad I have the blog now to at least shout it out, even if no one reads it, yet…

Well, its been a busy week. Finished up Cory Doctorow’s Down and Out In the Magic Kingdom and downloaded and started reading Eastern Standand Tribe. I am a total Doctorow fanatic now. I have been looking up all his short fiction that is in my Best Of… collections and am constantly amazed. I have not been this enthused by a new writer’s debut since reading Ian Macleod’s Green. Macleod’s novel’s did not stand up to his early short fiction in terms of promise but Doctorow’s novels have simply been outstanding. Cory’s homepage is at Craphound and is a wonderful homepage. Man, it will be awesome when my site gets that sophisticated.

I decided that it might be in my best interest as a writer-wanna-be to try and publish near future, net oriented types of stories. This fits in with the “write what you know ” dictum and since sci-fi is much more saleable than fantasy right now; this will be a much better thing for me to focus on. Need to focus on my “Ghost and the Elf” story and just come up with a finish for it. I can add some bravura to it later. Time to go… I will post asap this week. I have a feeling I am going to spend a lot of time up here in front of a keyboard.

It’s been a busy weekend, thankfully i did not volunteer for OT this Saturday. Running to two banks Sat. morning, then to OfficeMax to get a new ink cartridge for my printer. I must have one of the last Star Jet-48 printers left in the world, even though it uses Canon BC-01 ink no one bothers to carry those anymore. Short of going online and paying huge shipping fees OfficeMax is the last place around that carries them.I went to the bookstore and picked up Cory Doctorow’s novel “Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom”.Cory is already one of my fav sci-fi writers with his short fiction and his novels are great also. He posts a lot at Boing Boing which is a great tech/geek/digerati news kind of site.Check it out! 🙂

I spent most of Saturday cleaning up the printer and getting it to work. I got it working but not really great. For some awful reason Mozilla thinks there are two extra lines at the bottom of the page and it makes the printer spit out a page with just those two lines and then spits out that page wasting almost a whole piece of paper. Linux sucks at printing unless it is just simple text. Right now, i am playing with the margin settings to see if I can get it working properly.

Well, bbl, I’m off to finish up household chores… Laura is watching “Chicago”; to much singing in it for me.

Rant time, …

I was reading a great article in the current issue of Harper’s; about the failure of Globalization. You remember the 80’s and 90’s were all about how the nation-state was going to dissolve and pure economics was going to solve all the world’s social and geo-political problems. All the way through the Reaganomics years to Bush’s New World Order we heard the inevitablity drumbeat. The deregulated free market would balance out and bring a huge explosion of wealth that would raise the world up to a whole new level. Democracy would flourish everywhere as a result bringing peace and prosperity to virtually everyone. Privatised Government would be rid of the inefficiency that typically plagues a beauracy.

Well, do not hold your breath, folks. It is not about to happen. Milton Friedman and the others missed a few key points along the way. 1. People live in a PLACE not a virtual company, and workers for a company feel no loyalty to that company, even if it is a huge transnational. 2. Removing morality and ethics from the economic side in the ferverent hope/desire that people will behave is a futile endeavour. This is how we got to the telecom bust, Enron, the dotcom boom/bust, and the scandals in the NYSE. Parmalat is only the first of many of the vaunted transnationals to fall, Daimler-Chrysler is looking mighty shaky and there have been rumblings at Credit-Suisse/First Boston. 3. Regulations on trade are NOT equal to protectionism. Throwing open your borders to any and all “products” from any other place might not always be in the best interest of your populace.

Libertarians would need to remember point number 2. Sometimes people cannot be trusted to do the moral and ethical nice thing. Just having no government and “let the people be” would in the long run be asking for anarchy and chaos. Finding the balance is what has been hard.

Ok, now, rant over! 🙂

last few days have been busy and fun… Took both cats to the vet yesterday, Genny was scared but ok until the vet came in and cleaned out her ears. Genny decided she had had enough and tried to jump over my shoulder to escape. 🙂 It was so funny because she got scared and leaned against me to reassure herself that someone was there. She has to go back for the rest of her shots because she had an allergic reaction once and the vet was afraid to give her all them at once. I think it worked out because Genny slept the whole afternoon yesterday and most of today, she is fine now. She goes back in a month to get her second shot. Jesse had a hard time dealing with the vet. She screamed and howled as she got her shots.

Spent most of the day working with KDE getting this customized the way I want; new background, new splash screen, window decoration, color scheme, etc. Looks great now, i will put up a screenshot on my web site soon. … Finally got SETI@home running to, might as well put those idle cycles to use. KSetisaver is a native screensaver, took me a while to get it up and running but now everything is good. 🙂

Got OpenRPG up and running so I can use it to play a game of HARP soon. It is really nice, actually. But the Python I have has issues that cause some of the functions not to work. Plus I think the security settings I have prevent me from uploading files through it and I am not changing those. Oh well it is getting late here time to run …

Second Post … ,

Books I have been reading lately are, The Orion Mystery by Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert and The Message of the Sphinx by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval. I honestly do not understand why there is a big reluctance on the the part of academic Egyptologists to accept the notion that the Heliopolitan priesthood knew about precession of the equinoxes. That using the Horus/Osirus mythology and placing it in the context of the precessional journey of the constellation of Orion makes so much more sense than the Giza complex as a “tomb”. This theory certainly explains in much better context why would ancient Egyptians have worked in the extreme conditions of the Sahara desert for years quarrying, moving, and placing with extreme accuracy the pyramids. I am a little shaky on the idea that the other pyramids making up other constellations, though. Too many “stars” would be missing. The idea that the fifth dynasty Kings may have had a little more leeway in the placement of their pyramids is certainly interesting, the Pyramid Texts say that the king would become a star in the Duat. So maybe the just made a Pyramid/tomb wherever they thought their star would be. Kewl…

My revision of my home page is coming along nicely, should be able to post it soon ….

more later